In the Works

Our goal is to develop parts that you want and do it with your help

How does it work?

This section showcases the parts we design and produce. These are pre-order products, which are not yet available but in the various development stages (see below).


Pre-orders help us develop the parts, gauging their interest and refining them with your feedback. Your funds go directly toward engineering time and initial production cost. In exchange for your willingness to wait, you get a discounted price, and you will be the first to receive it once available.


We do our best to anticipate the estimated arrival time, meaning when the product will be ready to ship to you, but please understand that the timeline may vary. Check back often on this product page to see the updates. Once ready to ship, all pre-order customers will get an email notification about it.

If you want to cancel your pre-order for any reason, we'll be sorry to see you go but will honour your request when the ETA is announced on the product page, and we will refund you then.

What are the different stages?

  • Future Development: This is like a draft based on your idea about a future part of what we feel we need. It's a way to share with you what might be coming later. It could be developed or not, depending on your feedback.

  • In Development: We are currently designing, fine-tuning form and functions, finding ways to manufacture quality parts at a price we can all afford. This stage can be long until we can finally publish a price and OPEN the pre-orders for the first production batch.


  • In Production: The part is all set and currently produced. The pre-orders are OPEN with a discounted and final price, and it also includes the time for us to receive the stock and do quality control before shipping it to you.

  • Completed: We have now the part in stock and ready to ship. We usually leave the discount price available a week or two before it becomes a regularly stocked item at regular price. Once a pre-order product has reached completion, usually at the ETA date, the discounted price will end, and we will sell the product at the regular price.


  • If you do not see a price, the pre-order is not OPEN, and you can't buy it yet. Check back on this page often and follow us on Social Media, where we announce right away when it's available.

  • Prices are subject to change anytime during the process, as we update specs based on your feedback, quality control, or additional steps in the production process.

How Can I help?

We need your input here as we believe customer feedback is invaluable as we develop and fine-tune our prototypes before final production.

Do not hesitate to drop us a line at or on Instagram @bushpigperformance


Let us know what you like, what you don't, what is missing, what you would like to see on this page, and what part you need for your bike!