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About Us


We met out there on the trails through a riding group! We're riders in the Pacific North West, located in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our mutual passion for riding our bushpigs became immediately apparent—tinkering and modifying them to suit our own particular needs. We decided to combine our unique talents to create Bushpig Performance.

Bushpig Performance is born from our love for the old-school thumper, the DR650, and quickly evolved to cater to the extended family of bushpig bikes like the DR-Z400, XR650, KLR650, Ténéré 700, and other popular, down-to-earth ADV bikes.

If you're not familiar with the term, "Bushpig" it's a nickname given to no-nonsense, inexpensive, durable, tough, easy-to-fix bikes.

These are do anything, go anywhere analog bikes. They will reach highway speeds comfortably and become dirty off-road beasts, expanding your adventures into the backcountry. With a few modifications, they can be turned into RTW machines (round the world travel bikes) or take you into the bush as a large and capable dirtbike, with all your gear.

We all ride bushpigs, and while parts are already available to transform the bikes, we see the potential for many improvements:

  • Cost: Those parts can be pricey, especially for our fellow Canadian riders, and go against the bikes' philosophies.

  • Data: Modifying the bike is easy but finding the right info is tough. You need to scour the interweb on multiple platforms.

  • Innovation: Real needs coming from the field and addressed by adventure riders for adventure riders.


With this in mind, we design and develop Performance Kits for those bikes, bringing something different to the market at the best price possible and supplying you with all the information you need to do the job yourself, even if you are new to the motorcycle community.

Ride safe and happy exploring, Team Bushpig. #gofargetdirty

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