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Tech Tip: Short vent cap with larger fuel tanks

Installing a larger capacity fuel tank on your Adventure bike is a common modification to increase the range and allow you to ride in the most remote places.

This style of tank is very much like a dirt bike tank, with a screw-on cap and a rather inconvenient long breather hose or vent tube supposed to slide into the steering column.

A simple modification can make your life easier on the road and a better setup with these aftermarket tanks.

Check out our selection of tanks from the leading brand IMS, made in America!

The issue

The long venting hose needs to be freeing from wherever you put it in order to open the tank and fuel up. It's also in the way if you want to run a tank bag of some sort, sitting on top of the cap.

Solution #1

It's very simple and cost little! Just remove the long hose and grab yourself a "shorty". These short fuel tank vent valves are a straight replacement and allow easy opening an closing of your cap.

They are built with an aluminum cap hiding a breather valve. It's designed to avoid fuel spillage on your bike and the ground, when you go down but still allow air to equalize pressure in normal operation.

NOTE: For travellers going through high altitude changes, checking that your vent is working properly is recommended to avoid fuelling issues. If the valve is dirty and stuck closed, your bike won't run properly as the level of fuel is going down.

Just take it off and blow back and forth with your mouth to test proper function.

If needed, some part cleaner and compressed air can free the little ball valve inside.

Solution #2

If you want to run a tank bag, more often than not, the ideal location will be right over your fuel cap. With a hose sticking out, it's hard to put anything over it without pinching it.

We use a great little piece we called "Gas Tank Cap Right Angle Connector".

Simply install it on your cap and you can either run a longer hose or use in conjunction with the short vent valves above.

That way, you can set a tank bag over your almost flat cap breather without worrying about pinching the vent!

Now you have it, simple, effective solutions for happy adventuring!



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