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Review on the way: Viking Bags

Looking for a new set of adventure bags on your pig? Not ready to spend a ton but still want good quality?

We are reviewing a new brand of adventure bags called Viking Bags from the USA.

Besides lots of choices for more road-oriented bikes, they do have a nice line of ADV bags with soft saddlebag options.

You can see the whole line of bags here:  

We will test and review the 1L tank bag first, and it seems to have a lot to offer!

Made from waterproof TPU fabric, the Viking Odyssey ADV Touring Tank Bag is designed for adventure seekers who want to pack light.

With MOLLE webbing on the top, you can attach additional gears to the bag and we do love MOLLE options! Right below the MOLLE webbing is a compartment designed for quick access that can store small items like debit cards or cash. The main compartment inside has two straps to secure your small items and also comes with a divider for better organization.

The charging cable pass-through the bag is a nice feature to ensure you can charge your phone on the go, regardless of the weather conditions.

Installation should be a breeze with mounting straps that can easily be taken on or off. Stay tuned for more!

Shinko SR244
Viking Odyssey ADV 1L Tank Bag



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