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Tech Tip: Keep Your Rubber Pucks in Place

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

"Cushion, front" as called by Suzuki, are easily lost by DR riders when they take off the tank, they simply fall on the ground and roll and roll and roll until they meet your 10mm socket from 10 years ago... Here is about fixing it, for good!

DR650 rubber puck holding the tank on the frame

The issue

For whatever reason, those pucks are not held in place on their mounts, they are a loose fit on the stem and fall off more often than not when you remove the tank.

You probably have experienced it before, the suckers just drop in your engine or worst in the bash plate or roll away forcing you to track them down. Not the end of the world but annoying so why risk it?

The Suzuki part will set you back close to $18 the pair if you really lose them...

Or just get them from our store: Gas Tank Rubber Puck

Now, do you need them to come off easily for regular maintenance?

Not at all! It is just one more mystery on the DR why Suzuki hasn't figured it would be best to have them more securely on the frame.

Mounting location for gas tank rubber dampers on DR650

The solution

Just glue the f***** in place!

You probably have all your need at home, some cleaning alcool, rags and a half-empty and drying cartridge/tube of silicone somewhere.

  1. No need to remove them, they are on your floor already!

  2. Clean the frame area (washer like and stem) with isopropilic alcohol

  3. Clean the inside of the rubber pucks the same

  4. Apply any type of silicone you have on the pucks

  5. Mount back on frame, push them in firmly, and hold in place overnight with a compression strap around them both.

DR650 gas tank rubber cushions ready to be glued on the frame

NOTE: If you ever wanted to take them off for your next frame painting project, you will still be able to do so without any damage to either the frame or pucks. Simply pull them off slowly and scrape away the silicone.

No more wasted time looking after these pieces of rubber!

They simply stay in place where they should and make maintenance tasks one less step to think about when removing the tank!



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