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Tech Tip: Silicone Your Airbox Door Nuts

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

If you have lost or noticed you could easily lose them, now is the time to remedy that design flaw on the pig's airbox.

DR650 airbox open with a dirty filter

The issue

These four square nuts are not really held in place properly when you take the door off.

They can easily fall off and get lost. They are also quite hard to come by the right size so avoid this and prevent this issue with a simple trick.

The solution

Apply any type of silicone sealant you may have laying around to hold the nuts in place.
  1. Remove the door and take the nuts off

  2. Clean and degrease the nuts themselves and their locations

  3. Apply the silicone on the airbox

  4. Push the nuts back in

  5. Screw the door back on

  6. Leave until the silicone is cured (24h is good)

NOTE: It's better to put a little too much around the nuts and let it dry.

Next time you open the door, you can easily clean the unnecessary silicone with a knife as in the pictures below.

The nuts above are held in place with some flexibility thanks to the silicone but they are not going away. One less thing to worry about when cleaning the air filter and it does help to put the door back on and off quickly.

As simple as it seems, its all the little things like that help make your bike more reliable whether riding it or wrenching on it!



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