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Thank you and welcome to the bushpig family!

Building a Better Pig


Bushpig Performance is an online store and resource dedicated to dual-sport motorcycles more affectionately known as "bushpigs" like the mighty Suzuki DR650, DRZ-400, Honda XR650, Kawasaki KLR650 and the new Yamaha Ténéré 700.
Whether your goal is to explore the backroads in your area or ride "Round the World," the single-cylinder thumper is a great 
budget choice in this day and age where most bikes marketed as "Adventure" come with a hefty price tag. The T700 is the only exception and a truly modern bushpig.


Our goal is to help you get the most from your bike with performance parts to transform your ride. We develop and test our kits ourselves. We also aim to provide you with a free technical resource to give you the knowledge needed to upgrade your ride.

Shop by Bike

Bushpig Performance is a Canadian store and online resource for the mighty bushpigs bikes: DR650, DR-Z400, XR650, KLR650, Ténéré 700, and other popular ADV bikes.

Discover the Best Parts from:

Cogent Dynamics Inc.
Doubletake Mirrors
Emperor Racing
HEL Brake Lines
OverRide Adventure Bags
Parabellum Windshields
Rok Straps
Steel Core
Seat Concepts
Warp9 Racing

In The Works

These are pre-order products that we manufacture, some of which are not yet available but in various stages of development.


Pre-orders help us develop the parts, gauging their interest and refining them with your feedback. Your funds go directly toward engineering time and initial production cost. In exchange for your willingness to wait, you get a discounted price, and you will be the first to receive it once available.

Technical Resources

In the Media


One of our customers, Paul B., sent in a Bushpig sticker to Mark from Biker Bits, and he opened it in his mailbag segment. Check out his channel on YouTube, Biker Bits. "Bloody ripper!"


Karl sent us a link to this brilliant video of him and his buddy, Dino installing a Parabellum rally windshield on his recently recovered DR650 after it was stolen. Check out their YouTube channel, Dino's Tinker Shed.


What Our Customers Are Saying

A new shop just popped up on my Instagram ads called Bushpig Performance, and while they're not hugely stocked yet, their prices are good, they carry DR-specific stuff and- Based on the one small thing I ordered from them, their service seems top-notch.

"GlassBoxes," Reddit

Great website! Glad there’s a place in Canada offering these kinds of products!

Steve R., Winnipeg, MB

Les vidéos que vous avez ajoutés permettent vraiment de bien comprendre comment le harnais et les sacs s'attachent à la moto. C'est pratiquement trop simple pour être vrai :)

Alexandre L., Québec City, QC

You guys are like a DR650 crack dealer.

Warren H., Okotoks, AB

A lot to do, but for the most part, I know what I'm doing. For everything else, I can luckily find or ask for it. And the tech resources on your site are also very helpful 👍

M.J., Kockengen, Netherlands

Service rapide et ultra efficace, Canadien et en français s'il vous plaît!

Frédéric P., Boischatel, QC

Amazing service. Placed an order and forgot to add something to the cart, they quickly responded and saved me shipping on the part I forgot. Highly recommend Bushpig Performance!

Geoff G., Port Coquitlam, BC